Welcome to Throwback Thursday #5! As always please feel free to submit your suggestions! You can do so at the first Throwback Thursday post here or by emailing me!

This weeks throwback is to David Eddings. David Eddings was a prominent fantasy writer in the 1980’s. His first epic fantasy series was *The Belgariad* . It had a sequel series *The Mallorean.* He also wrote prequels for this series as well. While uncredited for much of the books written Eddings wife, Leigh, contributed to all his early work as well.

The series I remember him most for is his Sparhawk Universe series. I think I read those books so much, and I still have the original mass market paperbacks my parents had. *The Elenium* is a trilogy and the first three books in the Sparhawk universe. It features knights and magic. Overall, I really enjoyed the series! It’s one of those that has stuck with me over the years.

Getting out of the 80’s and 90’s for a minute and headed to the early 2000’s — to a series you probably know. If you’ve guessed Twilight, you’d be right.

Twilight was my thing back in 2005. I remember it the day I first read it that year. The smell of the new book at the Scholastic book fair…and thus began my Twilight phase from 2005-2010-ish.

It only last five years or so, but I read Twilight well over two hundred times. I went to the Breaking Dawn Concert in NYC, and got a signed book plate from SM and got to TALK to her. It was the highlight of my young life.

Twilight got me into fandom, so I can’t hate it for that, and I look back on it with fond memories. I remember all the fun and newness that it brought me to — and I think there’s something to be said for that.

It made an impression.

It also made me love vampires.

So there’s that too.

My friends didn’t really get into it until the movies, so I was on my own for a bit there. And by the time the last movie was coming out I’d already lost interest and I was moving on to other things.

Remember — at this point I’d already read Eddings, and Brooks, and Goodkind and Martin and Jordan. I’d also read Cabot and Pierce. I was testing new waters in the “YA” genre now instead of the fantasy one I was used to.

Hi all! Back with #3 after a break in May! I got busy with the closing of one semester and the opening of another. But once more I bring you a throwback book series!

The series featured today is by Mercedes Lackey and takes place in her Valdemar world. It’s the Last Herald Mage. And it’s gay. Appropriate for the start of Pride Month I thought.

Anyways, much like my other picks this book falls into the category of very 80’s fantasy fiction. Much action and adventure, quests, big evils. But it is SO FUN. I loved this series from start to finish. I will warn you, there are some really dark and really sad moments in this series. I bawled my eyes out several times. This was very Song of Achilles like. I do want to read the rest of the Valdemar world, but this was a great introduction to the series for me. Plus, gays, magic, what more could I possibly want from a series?

It’s also got these great old covers:


Anyways! Please check this series out if you’re looking into older queer fantasy!

No throwback insta photo today!

For the second book that I am picking it’s probably one you don’t know well. (I have a WHOLE stash of 1980’s/1990’s fantasy that I love.) You guys are going to hate me by the end.

The Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling was introduced to me years ago by a good friend. Their taste was spot on in regards to this series. It has all the epic fantasy elements that I love. AND it’s queer!!! What is not to love about that? (Keep in mind, this was started in 1996, so there are some parts that might be problematic today). The most recent book in the series came out in 2014.

Here’s the Goodreads Series Page.

I absolutely adored this series when I read it, and it’s fun, campy and pretty old fantasy along the lines of Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind et al.

If you read it and like it let me know!

And my throwback photos are:

April 28, 2021

April 28, 2020

I’m starting a new series on my blog! It’s called Throwback Thursday! On Thursday’s I’ll make a post that talks about throwbacks to books I’ve read years ago. I may also include throwback posts from my bookstagram. I wanted to do this because it’s fun to see what books I used to love to read, and how our reading tastes change (or don’t!). If you have any suggestions of series you want me to look into/mention please submit the form below! 🙂 

Book (Series): Death Gate Cycle

I have not seen anyone talking about The Death Gate Cycle series. This is a series from 1990 – and it is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements. It’s got multiple planets and it’s got multiple types of people, Elves, Dwarves and humans. There are also the Patryn’s and the Sartan’s; two human races at war with each other. It is far more complex than that, but the story unravels over a series of 7 books, with Haplo (our general narrator and one link throughout the books) being our eyes and ears for what is going on with the world(s). Haplo is a Patryn and Alfred (another MC) is a Sartan, and their relationship or lack thereof (hatred/respect) that goes back generations and they have to work together to save the world(s). 

This series includes epic world building, a massive cast of characters, and a great plot. If you like books similar to Tolkien, George RR Martin, or Robert Jordan you’ll probably like this series. 

I was obsessed with this series in middle school. I made it my whole personality. I read it so much. It’s probably been ten years since I read it, and I’m wondering if it holds up – is it as good as I remember it being? I kept all the books in the series (ugly mass market paperbacks); does this mean I need to do a reread of them? What do you think? 

And here is a throwback instagram post: