I had the best intentions really, updating once a week. That meant four posts a month…but somehow I fell off the wagon. I can never remember to post my reviews (oops!) so I need to actually buckle down and create a schedule. Or pre-plan posts. Something.

Anyways, I wanted to give a quick update because of that, especially since grad school has me slammed this summer. Hoping it’ll be less stressful in the fall!

Hope you all have been well! And I hope to be back on track shortly! 💖

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Normally, I’m pretty chill. 90% of the time I can deal with everything that comes my way, but I had an utter mental breakdown at work yesterday. I had been told my medication (for my autoimmune disease) had been approved and was ready to ship. On Tuesday I got a denial. The pharmacy said they didn’t have an authorization on file. Which was…not true. That was not what they had told me previously. Of course I called both my insurance and then my doctors to let them know the situation. Fast forward to yesterday the insurance lady who I had been working with starts saying “you never said you had an appeal…we don’t have an appeal on file” which was again, not true. Because the insurance and the doctors office told me there was an appeal on file. She would not listen to me and I hung up on her. I called my doctors absolutely hysterical and let them know.

TL;DR: both insurance and pharmacy screwed up big time. Insurance had an appeal, the representative I worked with just didn’t know what to do apparently. Pharmacy had my authorization since September 10th, but lied to me about processing it. They were sitting on it.

Suffice to say, I am NOT a happy camper right now.

I had an okay blogging week! I posted a few reviews, yay! It’s been a good week for that at least!

I had an absolutely enormous book haul this week, both physical and E-books. I was doing my own mini-readathon because so many of those e-books were expiring…I let them linger a little too long. (So technically not this week…but I forgot about them for so long.) I’m just going to list them briefly,

  • Stalking Jack the Ripper
  • A Great and Terrible Beauty Series (all three)
  • A Spark of White Fire
  • The Graces/The Curses
  • Here There Are Monsters

The “new” e-books I checked out. (The ones I really did check out this week, but have not read.)

  • The Edge of Everything
  • This Savage Song
  • Gemina
  • And I Darken

My physical library book haul is about 100% even more ridiculous.

Uh-huh. Like I said, I went on a spree this week. I’m starting Sisi next, then probably going to move onto Diviners or Nevernight. Not sure which yet!

I am excited for most of these, the only one I’m not sure about is Sisi, I normally love historical fiction, but this is a time period/area I’m really not familiar with.

As far as bought books…just one measly little book that almost didn’t make it here on time due to B&N shipping…it was so annoying. But I’m happy to have it in my clutches.

I don’t want to start it because I don’t want to finish it…but…I will.

The site is taking longer than I thought. I had a couple issues with it, but I think I’ve gotten those worked out. There are still a few formatting issues I need to deal with, but hopefully in the next month or so I’ll get it up.

I will be taking part in the Hocus Pocus Read-A-Thon (super exciting!) in October. I’ve already got some books picked out to read! Yes! Yay! I hope y’all have a fabulous week, and feel free to hit me up if you want to chat about books!

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews

Welcome to my third Sunday post!

This week was insane. I wanted to get some more posts up, but I wasn’t able to. We were running on a staff of two all week, and two of the days I was sent someone from another branch to help out. They’re good workers, but sometimes it is hard if it isn’t your own branch. Our public copier, and our printer both broke on the same day, so I spent about five hours dealing with that. It wasn’t fun. I already need a break again.

I have exactly two posts: my new review and my Top Ten Tuesday. But, I’ll still stick my most recent posts here.

I had a rather enormous book haul this week. So much so I had to switch up how I took photos. First off, my library haul! I’ve read three of these so far. Little Darlings (meh), Sheets (cute) and These Rebel Waves (my feelings are all over the place with this one.)

And my bought book haul is just as big this week…partly because I stopped at the used bookstore I love going to. And they had THREE books I was interested in reading. All $4 and under. I couldn’t resist. They were The Scorpio Races (I love the paperback version more than the hardback!), Illuminae (suggested to me over on bookstagram) and Of Fire and Stars. That one is interesting. I opened it in the car and a reader letter fell out. From Owlcrate!! I was so surprised. But when I think back, (and I wish I had gotten them) I think they had special cover editions of other books there. I really missed the boat on that one. So disappointed.

So…very excited to read These Witches Don’t Burn and Sky in the Deep, neither of which I’ve read before. Now. Wicked Saints. I was informed on twitter that something occurred with the author (and it wasn’t good). I debated on whether or not to keep the book, even though I liked it. I spent all week agonizing over my decision. I ended up keeping it, but it reminded me as a consumer, I probably do need to be more aware of what is going on.

On that note, are there any authors you like to follow on twitter?

Exciting news! My self-hosted website is being constructed now. I’m still trying to decide on a header image and colors. I keep changing my mind. I want a crisp, clean, simple look. But I love purple and green, and I’m trying to decide if I want to use those colors, or do something warmer. I have no idea!

Not much in terms of last things today, but I’ll be very happy when we actually get fall. I am so ready for it! Happy Sunday all!

This weekly meme was created by That Artsy Reader Girl.

YES this list is going to be soooooo much fun to write out. Because I am incessantly eating or drinking while reading. (Or doing anything really.) The number one spot is thrillingly easy to fill. (Now that I’m writing this I’m going to make some…)

  1. Hot Chocolate/Cocoa – YUM. My favorite drink almost ever. I would drink it year round and all day if I could. (I am seriously going to make some now)
  2. Hot Tea – with lots and lots of sugar. Did I mention sugar?
  3. Iced/Sweet Tea – do you sense a theme yet?
  4. Sprite – okay. My list of sugary bevs grows ever longer…
  5. Enchiladas – I’m REALLY bad about this one. I make cheese enchiladas with red enchilada sauce WAY too much and usually I’m eating them while reading. I don’t eat them with library books. But e-books? Fair game.
  6. White powdered donuts – making this list makes me realize how extremely unhealthy my diet is. I mean, I know eating veggies is hard on my digestive track because of crohns, but still…abysmal.
  7. Any sort of dip, bean dip, queso, spinach dip, all of it – I love dips. Uhmmm.
  8. Clementines – these are so good. I could eat like a hundred of these sweet, delicious things. My stomach however, would not survive.
  9. Cheese & Crackers – another favorite. Cheese and crackers are a great staple. Just don’t use them as a bookmark.
  10. Anything else I can get my hands on – really, I’m not too picky about what I eat/drink while reading

What about you guys? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews

A little late today, sorry! I’ve had a lot of stuff going on.

Today has been really busy, but also a really successful week as well. My doctors bombarded my insurance with proof of why I needed an upped dose of medication, and the approval went through! Hurrah! So that was super good news for the week!

I also spent all of today rearranging my room (it is awesome, by the way!) and painted my black bookshelf a lovely grey color. Also, I’m doing some more halloween-y things. Yay!

As far as blogging goes, I didn’t do too much this week. Still learning about blog hopping and trying to network with new people and make friends! It’s been a blast so far!

Here are the most recent posts:

Book haul! I had a really good week at the library (haven’t read any of them yet, though) and an okay week in terms of bought books.

These two had been delayed by the hurricane, but now they’re here!

This is the shelf before and after! Circe, my lovely little demon child loves to sit in it when my books aren’t on it.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous week! I’m very excited for things to come, and I’m really looking forward to making some new friends!

I’m going to join in on this, created by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks is Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading and Why. So lets go through my TBR and see what I’ve been avoiding reading…(I’m including my want to read list, because some I don’t own…)

  1. Sea Witch Rising — I’m avoiding this mostly because I know I’m going to have to buy it (my library hasn’t picked up this series) and I don’t want to spend the money on this book right this second.
  2. Notes on a Killing: Love, Lies, and Murder in a Small New Hampshire Town — I put this on my list a few weeks ago…but again my library doesn’t have it, and I’m not interested enough in true crime to fork out money for it, so I’m going to avoid it for a while.
  3. The Red Parts: Autobiography of a Trial — see above…my library apparently doesn’t buy a lot of true crime.
  4. A Death in Belmont — and what do you know, another true crime! So once again, see above because man, I am not buying any of these.
  5. Of Ice and Shadows — I liked the first one fine, but I don’t know…something about this book…I’m going to wait for a bit on this one.
  6. These Witches Don’t Burn — Once more, see #1. It’s always a money issue.
  7. King of Scars — I like Bardugo’s works fine, but I’ve heard rumours about what happens in this book, and it has totally put me off reading or buying it at the moment.
  8. Pumpkinheads — I want to wait until it feels more fall like before reading this one.
  9. This Time Will Be Different — I want to read it at the library…so therefore I am waiting.
  10. The Storm Crow — until I was going through all my e-book stuff as well, I forgot I had this one on hoopla. Well…I must have wanted to read it at the time and I guess I should get on it. At some point? Whoops.

And there’s my list! Mostly stuff I want to read, but don’t want to have to pay for yet. I just spent WAAAAAY too much money on book boxes, so I have to give my debit card a rest for awhile. (Well, inexpensive books under $10 aside)

What about you? Do you have any books that you’ve been avoiding?

Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews

Rick Test I will admit, I am almost brand new to the book blogging community, and I’m trying to find some more interaction, and this Sunday Post seems like a fabulous idea! I’m very glad to partake in it.

Not too much on the personal front. We were trapped inside for a few days because of Hurricane Dorian. Didn’t get out almost at all that week. It’s all good though, had a nice long mini-vacation that was really needed. I go back to work tomorrow, and that should be fun. I do love my job after all. (If you don’t know, I work in a rural library, and I spend a lot of time helping patrons with technology help and helping to plan programs to help engage the community.)

My insurance is still denying my new dosage of medication, which is a big pile of stinky! The doctors want to up the dosage to prevent me from having to have surgery again. So far, the insurance won’t give in.

I’m slowly trying to plan out a blogging schedule, but I did have a few blog posts this past week. Yay!

These are the blogs posts:


I’m thinking about participating in another couple memes. Any others that you would recommend?

I didn’t have a major book haul this week because a) wasn’t at work to get ANY OF MY BOOKS. and b) I was trying to conserve some money.

Yet, here are the two books that I purchased. One I got from thriftbooks (Daughter of the Pirate King) and I didn’t know it was an old library book, so it’s really stamped up. At least the outside is in relatively good condition.

And the second I got from one of my local used bookstores. I still don’t have the first, but it is on my list to buy!

I have a few things in progress, but my newest ventures include making book sleeves and zipper pouches. I’ve gotten a lot of tutorials/help/advice from my mother, who has been more than willing to help me on this new hobby of mine. I’m super grateful to her! Thanks, Mom!

I’ve made the image large so you can see what these are. From L-R: green black cat book sleeve with button closure, gingham book sleeve with inside snap closure, chevron book sleeve with button closure, pumpkin book sleeve with cloth closure and finally pumpkin zipper pouch.

A few last things — you can find me on twitter & instagram by using the links on the side of my blog. I’m also always more than happy for a chat, and I do use discord so feel free to e-mail me for the username!

Thanks for keeping with me on this very long post!

Have a happy Sunday!