Wow! It has been a few months since I’ve done any sort of wrap-up, but here we are. I had an excellent month, and I couldn’t ask for more! So…onto the monthly wrap up!

Overall Stats

Books Read: 38
Books Hauled: 6 +2 free ones
Book Reviews on Blog: 0
Other Posts: 1
ARCS Received: 1 (only because I’ve quit requesting)

What I Read

Favorite Books

Last Thoughts

I had an amazing month, and I did really well in terms of reading. I also found a new favorite genre: Regency Romance! I have really been enjoying my foray into it. It has one of my favorite tropes in about 80% of them: enemies to friends to lovers.

I love it.

How did you all do? What are you excited for next month?

Seriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO APRIL? I feel like we were just in March and *poof* it’s May. I keep saying “it’s April”. It isn’t. It’s May. A LOT has happened in the past month. Some good…some not so good. At this point the only reason I know what I had for breakfast is because I’ve pretty much had the same thing for breakfast the past month. Toast. And some variety of cream cheese. I don’t even know what is going on anymore. I do know what I read, however, so woo!

Books Read: 27
Books Hauled: whose counting anyways??! (It was 12.)
Book Reviews on Blog: 8
Other Posts: 12
ARCS Recieved: 7

I got back into doing some weekly memes, Goodreads Monday and WWW Wednesday specifically! I have enjoyed them. I reviewed 8 books this month. Some were older reviews, some were newer. I think I had a pretty good posting month, and I am happy with what I did!

Onto what I read! I had another great month of reading!

I had four five stars reads this month! Super exciting!

Not only did I have a great month in terms of reading, I started a Booktube Channel! You can find me here.

Keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome May!

Suffice to say, I read a lot this month. I had spring break for a week so I did several readathons on my own to get through a backlog of ARCs. I was highly successful in them all.

My Stats

Books Read: 38
Books Hauled: 18 (whoops?)
Book Reviews on Blog: 16
Other Posts: 1
ARCS Reviewed: 10

What I Read

What I Liked

By The Book
All the Stars and Teeth
The Silvered Serpents
The Crow Rider
Chain of Gold
Crescent City ** Still working on a review…

Last Thoughts

I want to get back into book tags and maybe start doing some videos, but we’ll see! What were your favorite books this month?

It’s that time of month: the monthly wrap-up! I’m putting this in a slightly different format than before. We’ll see how it works out! ?

This month I read twenty-two books!! It was a really mixed bag for February. I had some that I really loved and others that I was just “eh” about. I’m going to feature a few I liked!

What I Read!

What I Liked

Wicked As You Wish ? ? ? ? ? (Goodreads Review)
A River of Royal Blood ? ? ? ? ? (Blog Review)
Blood Heir ? ? ? ? (Blog Review)
The Name of All Things ? ? ? ? (Goodreads Review)

Blog Posts

I did mostly reviews this month! I’m hoping to start changing that up a bit more this month!

Last Thoughts

Not a bad month overall! I found a few books I really liked, and that makes me happy! I didn’t go crazy and buy a whole lot of books this month, so I’m pleased about that.

What about you? How was your month?