Eleanor & Park — Book Review


  Author:     Rainbow Rowell
   Genre:      YA/Contemporary
   Pages:      328
   Format:     hardback

Eleanor and Park are two sixteen year olds who at first seem at odds, but that slowly begins to change. A star-crossed romance, both Park and Eleanor begin to learn about each other, but will this newly growing love survive?

Far more complicated than the above paragraph says, Eleanor & Park is an amazing book — Rowell of course has such great characters. Eleanor and Park are amazingly well developed, to me they act as if they’re real teens, it’s not like a lot of books in which it feels like the teens are more like twenty year olds. No, these two feel real. And in turn, you feel for them and you want them to win at life.

I’ve always liked Rowell’s writing, and this one is no exception. Although I listened to it in audio format, it still wasโ€ฆamazing. Even better in some ways to hear the two different voices. That was quite amazing as well.

Things I didn’t like? Very little. There were parts here and there I wasn’t wild about, but overall I really liked this book. I think it is quite amazing for what it is, and I even really liked the ending as well.

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