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Happy Sunday all!! Hope you’ve had an excellent weekend (if you get weekends off) and if not, I hope work wasn’t too terrible!

After much thinking, I decided that I would update book reviews on Sundays, (I’m updating my old book reviews) since that is the day I know I always have off. That said, if it’s a holiday or a situation that prevents me (like…a hurricane, no power etc) I won’t update, but will update ASAP.

I will probably add extra reviews for books I’m currently reading interspersed when I finish them. So sometimes you might see one review a week or more than one depending if I’ve finished a brand new book. Otherwise they’ll simply be updated as usual.

I’ve also decided to stop duplicating my bookstagram posts here, and instead just leave them in the side widget for you to see.

Another updating thing, my TBR list will be at will. Simply because I have a harder time keeping up with that.

If you ever have questions, feel free to send them to me! I’m always willing to answer any and all. I also love book suggestions as well! Check my goodreads account to find out what I’ve read!

Have a great start to your week all!

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