Self Control & Books

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In other words, I have absolutely zero. I just bought another book today. It’s not like I don’t have a lot — I do. Not of my own, but tons of library books. My shelves are filled with library books.

I work in a library, and my branch happens to get shipments twice a week. That gives me far too many chances to find new books to place on hold and have sent to me. FAR too many. So I perpetually have a shelf filled with books I have every intention of reading right away, yet somehow, always manage to get myself stuck rereading things I’ve already read. Thankfully, my library has an automatic renewal system, and as long as no one else has the book on hold it’ll automatically renew twice. So essentially you can get it for 6 weeks. I have had books out for six weeks with every thought to read them. Sometimes I don’t, and I return them only to check them out again two weeks later.

What can you do, right? Nothing really. I have to be in the right mood to read particular books, and sometimes when I think I’m going to want to read a book, I don’t really. It happens. It’s all good. I’m a very fast reader, so reading one to two books a day when I’m off is no problem. So when I’m in the mood to read I can get quite a bit done.

I have no self control at all in terms of books — I’m one extreme to the other!

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