September Excitement!

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It may still be 96 degrees outside, but I am determined to pretend it is fall. Fall is my favorite season of all. There is just something about it that makes me so happy. Perhaps it is because it contains many things that I love. Hot chocolate, Halloween, spooky things, cooler weather, leaves (well, we don’t get changing leaves here, but still.) and sweaters. Honestly, I love all those things, especially when paired with an amazing book.

I wasn’t going to order the September Owlcrate because I was worried about money. I have a really tight budget as my library doesn’t pay a whole lot of money, so I was going to skip it. But the concept of it is right up my alley. What I ended up doing was cancelling netflix and reallocating some money (I also had some gift money I forgot about) to purchase the box. When I redo my budget I need to see if I can do Owlcrate on a consistent basis. I would like to.

Also — what comes out this month?! Lots of exciting books that’s what!! Wayward Son…September 24th! Super fun and super ready for that book!

I’m really trying to make a bigger effort to be more active on here and respond to other peoples blogs. It’s taking some time, however.

I’m so excited for this season, and I hope to have a whole lot of other awesome things for you guys to look at!

What are some things you guys would like me to talk about? I might do a video, or perhaps a behind-the-scenes kind of thing! What would you like to see?

Don’t forget, I’m active on instagram and on twitter as well. I love to chat!

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