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I realized that my life is about to change — I’m going to be going back to grad school and I need to get myself on some sort of schedule here. To that end I decided I needed to pick permanent days to post certain things so I don’t overwhelm you all, and myself.

Monday: Book review. Every Monday I’ll post a book review.

Tuesday: Nothing. I used to do a weekly meme, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep doing it.

Wednesday: Mid-week post — TBD what it’ll be. It could be a one off post in any category!

Thursday: if I have a second book review for the week (like a new book I just read, or an arc review, it’ll be posted on this day!)

Friday: Day of rest! Nothing here!

Saturday: Suggestions?

Sunday: the Sunday Post of course!

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Comments? Changes? Ideas?


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I think making a schedule is an excellent idea. I have determined that for now I don’t want to post on Saturdays. I do a couple memes like Can’t Wait Wednesday that is a fairly easy one where you show a book you can’t wait to read.

Mere says:

I keep t hinking about jumping in on that one, but when I go to do it…I never remember!

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