Sunday Post: January 26, 2020

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I got A’s on my first grad school assignments, so off to an excellent start! Really pleased, because it’ll keep my motivation up. Got most of my grad school work done for the week, and I’m going to keep trying to stay on top of it in the beginning of the week. It will make my life much easier.

Winterwood — Book Review
Date: January 23rd 2020 The Poppy War — Book Review
Date: January 20th 2020

My bookoutlet haul (which will get it’s own post later this week):

And I got this awesome beauty from Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads!

I’ve made an okay dent on my unread books…(well, until my haul came in) but I still only have nine physical unread books left now. I’m going to read these next:

-The Chaos of Stars
-Infinity Son
-Warrior of the Wild
-Eight Will Fall
-A Poison Dark & Drowning
-Alex & Eliza

Or so I hope.

Have an excellent week, all! Let me know your favorite reads!


6 replies on “Sunday Post: January 26, 2020”

Mir says:

Congratulations on your grades!!! That is wonderful. Oh I really enjoyed The Light Between Worlds and A Study in Charlotte.

Mere says:

Thank you! I am very excited to read those two!

Congrats for those grades!
You have some wonderful books to reward yourself with. I just read Infinity Son.

Wishing you a great reading week.

Mere says:

Thank you & thank you! I’m very excited to start Infinity Son!

Kristina says:

Happy to hear that grad’s school is off to a good start – keep going! You can do this xx
Buying books is definately a good reward for such hard work – eheh 😉

Mere says:

Oh, yes!! Love the idea of buying books for rewards!!

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