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Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviews

Not too much going on personal wise: I did get my old medication for next week, but I still have to write an appeal.

My application for grad school is in! I’m very nervous but also very excited about it!

I went to a cookout/halloween party Friday night and it was a lot of fun. I got to dress up as Aphrodite and carry around a book of Homeric Hymns with me. Pretty cool night all in all.

I didn’t have a great week in blogging, I got sidetracked and forgot to post as much as I wanted to! So for this week we have:

Book Reviews:

Resurrection Girls
The Wicked Deep
The Guinevere Deception (E-arc)

Top Ten Tuesday – Extraordinary Book Titles

My book haul teeters on ridiculous this week. I got four books for $4 at a book fair. They were Speak, Avalon High, East, Snow in Summer.

I went to BAM and found a bargain bin of books. And well. I had some motherly encouragement…the end.

Then I bought The Beautiful. So. Big book week!

And now my library haul…in which I have zero regrets about.

I got the chance to review an arc, so I’m working on a review for that plus some other books. It’s a bit slow going because I’m actually taking notes…but hopefully I’ll keep up. I’m posting some older reviews (like a year old) sporadically now.

What are your plans for this week? I don’t have any! Which is kind of nice. I just need a new bookshelf…because my books no longer fit on the one I have.

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Yay for library books and writing reviews even if it was a quiet week on the blog!

Mere says:

Yes! I got a lot of stuff written, but not necessarily posted, so I suppose I should feel accomplished! 😀

I think you had a great blogging week. I am happy if I manage to post a couple of times.

Congratulations on applying to grad school!

Have a fabulous week.

Mere says:

I’ve been trying to be better, and queuing things has helped me out a lot. (When I remember.)

E. says:

I love Speak and Avalon High! The rest sound good as well! Good luck on your application! <3 <3

Mere says:

Thank you! Application is submitted! Avalon High was my jam when I was younger.

Emily Wrayburn says:

Loving your book haul photos! 😀

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