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Nothing too much in my personal life this week! Other than I’ve got a minor flare up of my Crohn’s Disease. My whole body is aching and painful. Pretty typical honestly. I’ve also probably eaten my weight in candy. I’m stress eating again, because it’ll be 6-8 weeks before I get any decision on my grad school application.

Other than that I’m going to look at bookshelves tomorrow and hope that I find ones I like.

I was also approved for multiple arcs! HOLY CRAP. It was so exciting!

I had a pretty good week in blogging. I was uninspired for the Top Ten Tuesday and so I skipped this week. On the other hand I posted quite a few book reviews!


I had an okay physical library book haul this week. Mostly nonfiction this week, and a surprise book, because I wasn’t expecting it to come in! (Babysitter’s Coven, it had just been added to the system!)

And I had two very exciting purchases this week…I finally own them both!

I’ve got absolutely no DIY projects in progress right now. I plan on taking some photos/working on my site more tomorrow, but that is about it!

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday and an awesome week! Let me know about your bookish acquires in the comments!


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Laurie says:

I hope you feel better soon! And don’t be afraid to skip a Top Ten Tuesday, I skipped loads of them already. Haven’t been doing them lately since the themes are not appealing to me.

Mere says:

Thank you! Yes, it wasn’t appealing to me this week.

I hope you start to feel better soon! Great physical library haul. I find mine has been lacking in books I want to pick up recently.

Mere says:

Thank you! I definitely go through that too — sometimes they have nothing I’m interested in!

lauren says:

wonderful to hear that you got approved for some arcs! hope they’re fab-+

Mere says:

They were! I loved them! Now I’m excited to actually buy them!

I hope your flare up recedes quickly.

Wishing you a great reading week, it looks like you plenty of entertaining books to choose from.

Mere says:

So far so good! Thank you!

Hello from another Meredith 😉
Sorry to hear about the Crohn’s. It’s really hard to get away from the Hallowe’en candy and other tasty treats when you’re under stress and less than a week away from October 31. Hang in there, you can do it!

Looks like you’ve got quite the haul there…congrats on the multiple arc approval! 🙂

Mere says:

Hello! 😀 It is so hard. And when I’m under any stress at all I eat. It’s especially bad at this time of year. 🙁 I’m hoping for the best.

Thank you! It was so surprising and super exciting!

I hope you feel better soon. :/

Happy Reading!

Michelle @ Book Briefs

Here’s my Weekly Wrap Up

Mere says:

Thank you! I’ll be checking yours out shortly!

Congrats on the ARC approvals! I hope you’ll enjoy them all. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Mere, and you WILL get approved into grad school, I believe it! <3

Mere says:

Thank you! I’m keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed about it! 😀

I dip in and out of Top Ten Tuesday depending on the topic, some of them just don’t appeal. Don’t worry.
I hope you enjoy your books!

Mere says:

Thank you! I will! 😀

I hope you’ll feel better soon, Mere! (Or that you’re better already!) And congrats on the great haul! 😀

Mere says:

Thank you! I just had a minor panic attack when you replied to this one because I was like…did I copy and past the wrong sunday post to this week?!?!

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