Today’s prompt was from Danielle @ PoetryBooksYA

I love watching The Polar Express movie during Christmas time. The main character boy rediscovers his love for Santa Claus and the holiday after a wild journey far from home in one night. Describe a book or experience you’ve had this year that made you rediscover your love for the genre after reading it. 

It’s funny, because I was just thinking about this the other day. Partially because at my library we’re doing the Polar Express movie. But this season always brings back fond memories of my mother reading the Polar Express EVERY Christmas holiday (and eve) to my sister and I for the longest time. I just have such good memories of it – of the times spent together, of the warmth and happiness. There is little more that I love then reliving those memories.

I’ve had a burnout with fantasy recently, I love it, don’t get me wrong, but there is also something nice about contemporary books. And more recently, romantic contemporary. For a long time I struggled with that genre. I had issues with it, but this month actually, I found two books that rewrote all that for me. Only Mostly Devastated and It Sounded Better In My Head made such an impact on me. I fell in love with those books and the relationships and the feelings. They were feel good books, and they got happy endings. I forgot how much I love happy endings. And they both happened to be arcs. I enjoyed them so much that I would love to own a copy of each once they’re published. But they made me realize I do love romantic books, that I enjoy contemporaries. And the good news? It means I can take a break from reading so much fantasy.

Overall, I’m so happy that I’m giving this genre another chance, that I do love it. I thought Red, White and Royal Blue was an anomaly, but I am so pleased it was not.

What about you? Are there any genres you’ve reconnected with?

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Today’s prompt was from Laurie @ Laurie’s Bookshelf, and was this:

December is here and that means it’s time to look back on the past year. How was your 2019 regarding books? Did you haul too many books? Did you have a great reading year? Too many (E)ARCs left? And did you pass your reading challenge? Furthermore, it’s time to look forward. What goals would you like to reach in the last month of 2019? Certain books you want to read before 2020 is upon us? Do you have reading goals for 2020? So, let’s reflect on your bookish 2019!

This Past Year

Okay, so I didn’t get into book blogging/bookstagram until July-ish. And I didn’t start getting books until then either. So most of this is relatively new for me. But I was still reading before then. I also just started doing E-Arcs, and have had so much fun and some success with them. I just got approved for 2 more, and one I am desperate to read (but need to wait until I finish the others first.)

I had a reading goal of 300. I have already met and surpassed that as I am loitering at about 490 books at the moment. I’ll clear 500 by the end of the year for sure. I feel a little bit bad about it, because people tell me it is impossible to read that much in a year, but I can. It’s just a matter of me remembering to record it.

I hauled…a lot of books. I think I’m clearing something about 85 books right now that I own. I only buy books I really like or love, so it helps my book buying. I also started OwlCrate and that is addictive!

In both those senses I had a great reading year. I’m happy overall with it! I mean, I would ideally love to make this my job, but that isn’t happening, (also I like my job) and so I shall keep doing it for fun!

The Future

There are a few books I would like to finish this month; but not too many. One is an e-arc, and the rest are physical arcs I got at YALLFEST. I also have some library books I’d like to finish. I’m going to try and avoid putting anything else on hold in December to finish up what I have in ebook, earc and physical book world.

Next years reading goal is going to be 300 again. I wonder if I can read less? (I don’t think so) But it seems like a good number, high for me, but not too high in case I take a break. We’re going to go with it!

I need to create a book budget, and I don’t know what to do. Do I count OC in? Do I not? I’ve got a lot to think about in regards to that.

This post is a little short, but hey, I’m writing it in the evening after a long and busy day at work!

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