Wicked As You Wish


  Author:     Rin Chupeco
   Genre:     YA/Fantasy
   Pages:     432
   Format:    ARC


Thank you to Fairyloot, the author & publisher for providing an arc!

Deliriously wonderful, and delightfully innovative. Fairytales galore and amazing writing combine to make an adventure. Chupeco is gifted at creating a deft story interwoven with an intriguing plot and carefully crafted characters. The concept of this book seems easy to grasp, and at first, it is. But the more you move into this story, the weirder it gets and the harder it is to follow. And yet, the book worked for me. You wouldn’t think a mish-mash of what seems to be unrelated ideas would work, or make a book. Somehow, Chupeco has managed it. I am highly impressed by that.

The writing
I’ve always adored Chupeco’s writing. I think she is enormously talented as an author (even if all her books aren’t to my taste) and I am always excited to try something new from her. In this case, I think there were some really amusing pop culture moments, especially in regards to the chapter titles which I always laughed at. There was some major creativity in this book.

The pacing
The pacing of this book mostly worked for me. There were a few times that I was a little more “eh” on the pacing. Overall, I felt that the book kept moving forward and driving to a conclusion upon getting to the middle part of the book. The last fifty or so pages felt entirely odd, however.

The plot
The plot was good! I think it was cohesive overall, and that Chupeco knew what she was doing. The plot worked well with the characters, although, like the pacing, the plot at the end felt very odd to me. It is definitely setting up for another book, but it just felt a tad bit awkward to me. I loved the fairytale aspect of this book. I haven’t loved a lot of retellings, but this plot felt like a fresh twist on them. It was different enough for me to enjoy it.

The characters
There was so much diversity in this book. All the characters were different races, identities and sexualities. So much to love in this book in regards to that. And while some of them play a little part, overall, they’re just there. They’re part of the characters, and their identities, but it doesn’t make up the plot. I really liked that about this book. Tala and Alex and Loki and Cole were all awesome characters, and I can’t wait to see more of this group!

The world building
Compared to The Bone Witch, I feel as if there was less world building in this one. In some cases I almost felt there was too much or too little. I get what she was going for, and this is what almost made me give it four stars, not five. Yet, the info dump versus no info at all, ended up almost balancing each other out. The beginning felt like so much information thrown at you, and then all of a sudden it felt a bit bereft of information. I love this world and I absolutely cannot wait to see more of it!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There was so much to love. So much action and adventure and fun. Great characters (many hilarious moments) and a fun plot. There was some thinking, but mostly it was an enjoyable ride that made me gasp out loud, laugh, cry and just have fun.
This was a fun book that was filled to the brim with amazingness!

ok and will likely read the next one.

The branches bent heavy with ripening apples, not the weight of enemy snipers.

The plot – at first it is a little confusing. You’re wondering what is this? Is it our world or is it an alternate world? A fantasy one with our objects in it? It was a bit confusing and it took me a few minutes to orient myself to what exactly world that this was. I will say that once I got past that, the plot is interesting. But I felt that this book was more focused on the characters, and what is happening to the characters over the several small subplots that occur throughout the book. Finding the murderer, what is going on with family, all still link into Miles’ plot and character arc.

I only survived because I was supposed to be dead.

I liked Miles as a character, he isn’t entirely reliable, but at the same time you feel connected with him to an extent. You don’t like his family because he doesn’t really like his family. Grace, his sister, I don’t trust. And we at the same time are told by other characters not to trust Tristan, and yet he is the one that Miles’s trusts. It is super interesting in terms of relationships, especially Tristan and Miles’s relationships. I think it is a fun one, and I definitely think they had some great moments and I would like to see more about them in future books.

My sister had found me, and my freedom was at an end.

The world building I have already touched briefly on, but I think that it was all spaced out relatively well. There wasn’t a huge amount of info dumped on you, and you are left to infer what is going on. This isn’t a bad thing, but it is a bit tough, as I said at the beginning. I really like the world Polk has created.

And finally the writing, I think the writing was good, and the pace was good, the flow was good. I’m using the word good, because that was what the book overwhelmingly was. It was simply good. I didn’t fall in love with it, but I did like it, and that is more than enough to make me a happy reader! I am looking forward to reading the next book!

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