Review Policy

  • I will only respond to requests that interest me.
  • I will accept both physical and e-arcs. However, any electronic format must be compatible with Kindle.
  • I review on my site, Goodreads, and wherever else I so choose.
  • I do not promise a positive review, but I can promise an honest one. If I don’t like the book, I will be honest.
  • When I receive the book (if it is an ARC) I will review it before its publication date to the best of my ability. If it is a free copy I do not guarantee a date it will be reviewed.
  • Genres I read: young adult, fantasy, historical fiction, romance, contemporary, LGBTQA+. I will read sci-fi, however, I am very picky about it.
  • I am willing to do author interviews as well as cover reveals.



all the good stuff — right? right?!
Did not finish.
I didn’t like it. Tough to read.
It was okay. But it wasn’t the best thing ever. Just a nice book.
4 star ratingI really liked it! This book was so good and it was hard to put down. Totally enjoyable.
5 star ratingIt was amazing. This book was unbelievably awesome and I don’t want to stop talking about it ever.