About Me

Image of Meredith

Hi there, my name is Meredith. I go by Mere, and it’s pronounced like “mare”.

I’m in my late twenties and I’m currently working in a library: one of my favorite places to be!

It was my mom and dad who gave me my passion for reading. There is little more that I love than reading. Sleeping perhaps. Having a good sweet dessert for another. And my cats. (Okay, and binge watching TV…apparently there are a lot of other things I love to do!)

So, I love to read, and that eventually led me to the current path I’m on: I work in a library. No, I do not get to read all day long. I wish I could, but we’re very busy and usually I’m helping people pick out the perfect book. Or somewhat perfect at least. (I take that back as well. I spend just as much time helping people on the computer.)

My favorite genres to read are fantasy,  historical fiction, mystery and YA.

For the most part I’ll give anything a try if it looks interesting enough to me.

Other things I love: sparkles, pastels, glitter, cats, cats again, cute things, bookmarks, pins, candles, SPOOKY SEASON, HOLIDAY SEASON, good books, hot chocolate, hot tea, sweet tea, white powdered donuts and enchiladas. These are in no particular order.