A Little Update

Apr 9, 20231 min read
Hello everyone & happy April! This is just a little update to let everyone know what is going on at the moment! You may (or may not) have noticed these updates.

Site Renovation

Apr 30, 20221 min read
My site has new updates and a new theme.

January 24th Update

Jan 24, 20221 min read
An update on my inactivity

Anddddddd I’m BACK!

Jul 5, 20201 min read
Happy July one and all! I’m sorry for the long absence but it was for a good reason! I won’t go in depth on here, but suffice to say it was much needed! I do have a lot of reviews to post and catch up on, so you’ll see a barrage of new posts. Some things that have happened recently: I have modified my site slightly. I got a new PC! Which means I can make edits and booktube videos more easily I am busy with grad school I’m not going to use twitter as much. My main places will […]

OWLS: Magical Readathon

Apr 6, 20201 min read
Welcome to my OWLS post!!!

Bookending Spring 2020: Smile for the Shelfie

Apr 5, 20201 min read
I'm participating in Bookending Spring this year, and you can find the challenge info here!

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