I feel as if it was just April 1st, but here we are, May 3rd. It’s been a whirlwind month, and I can’t quite encapsulate my reading in one or two words. I had a few DNF’s (wish I hadn’t, but alas, I can’t like everything) but I also had three five star reads this month.

  • The Bone Shard War – the final book in The Drowned Empire , it was an amazing conclusion and I cannot sing its praises enough.
  • The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches – this book was so warm, cuddly and fulfilling. It was like being wrapped in a hug and kissed. I adored this book.
  • A Day of Fallen Night – exactly how I like my epic high fantasy. Intense, well plotted and delightful .

I also had a bunch of 4 star reads as well, Seven Faceless Saints, The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi, To Poison a King, Identity, Exes and O’s, The Angel Maker, Mortal Follies and Weyward.

Thus, I had an amazing reading month overall. There were a few three star reads, but I still enjoyed them. It was a successful month with 37 books read. Which apparently amounted to 13,792 pages. That is a lot.

It was also a varied genre month. I went into romance, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, fantasy…so more of an even amount this past month.

There was a series I read, and I still can’t rate it. I buddy read it with Amelia and Kait, and I was left with a strange feeling. It’s Mindf*ck by S.T. Abby. I enjoyed it, I really liked it (even some of the gorier parts didn’t bother me), but I have no idea what to rate it. This book series was definitely outside of my comfort zone in some ways.

In a dramatic change of pace, I read more romance focused books than fantasy books! But as we edge into summer I start wanting to read more lighthearted reads and mystery books than I do fantasy.