Bookending Spring 2020: Smile for the Shelfie

Bookending Spring 2020: Smile for the Shelfie

I’m participating in Bookending Spring this year, and you can find the challenge info here!

Yesterday’s prompt because I am perpetually a day late with these things.

Check out Sam’s post as the host here!


Take a picture of your bookshelves and/or stacks and explain how you organize your books!

I actually recently rearranged my shelves into a way that makes me happy. I loved my rainbow shelves, but I was sad none of my series were together, and so I changed that to this. Now I’ve put series and authors together as much as I could and I like it a whole lot more! I need another shelf, as you will see because there are books piled on the bottom.

Here’s another picture of the entire shelf:

How are your shelves rearranged?

2 thoughts on “Bookending Spring 2020: Smile for the Shelfie

  1. Omg thoses shelves are so perfect!! ?
    I really love the flower strings going down. Series not being with each other is one of my peeves too xd

    1. Thank you! It only became a pet peeve recently tbh! And now I really want them to be near each other!

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