Favorite 2021 Covers

Favorite 2021 Covers [So Far]

There is just something about book covers…you are drawn to them (or not) and so I have compiled a list of some of my favorite 2021 book covers. This list is not extensive, and I’ll probably do a second round later!

These are in no order.

I love how creepy this cover is. I also love the inverted city on the bottom. Feels very LOTR like.
I love the colors and art work in here. It’s just so beautiful. I also love the clasped hands.
The colors and text are just divine on this. I love the geometric pattern in the background with the two faces centered on top.
Honestly this cover is just fierce and I love it.
This may be better than the first cover. I love the colors and her expression is perfect.
This book just has GORGEOUS colors and I love the expressions and the notepaper everywhere.
I love the movement and colors in this one.
So eerie and beautiful. This is just…so lovely and enchanting too.
I’m a simple person. I love this cover. It pleases me.
I love Kova’s covers. I just love the whole aesthetic appeal of this.
I loved the original cover, but this one is lovely as well! I love how…IDK how to describe it. I just love it.
I just love how the tree and wolves are almost like etchings on here.

What are your favorite covers? Are there some I should look at? Let me know in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Favorite 2021 Covers [So Far]

    Oh wow, these are incredible! Hope the books are as good as the covers

    Omg I’m going to have to add so many of these to my TBR, they look amazing! 😍

    readbybeth says:

    Omg these are beautiful!!

    amyjanealice says:

    Oh my gosh there are some fab titles here. Lost in the Never Woods is beautiful.

    Ella says:

    These covers are amazinggg, I used to hate covers with people front and center but I think these are gorgeous. I think my fave has to be these hollow vows, the way the the illustrator played around with the lighting is eye catching 😍

    i dont think i’d seen the cover for blessed monsters yet! it is lovely. i also really appreciate that publishing has moved from photographs of people to illustrations

    Witches Steeped in Gold is one of my all time favorite covers

    Witches steeped in Gold is one my most anticipated releases of this year!!!

    Sarah Kaye says:

    These covers look great. I can’t wait for Rule of Wolves

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