Series: n/a

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Young Adult

Notes: child abuse, trauma, parental abuse

Thank you to Entangled for an ARC of this book!

Things I Loved

good side characters

Hello my gorgeous beautiful sapphic dragon loving friends. This book was adorable to the extreme. I enjoyed every minute of it. Hollis has a great and engaging writing style, and the whole book flowed very well. All aspects of queerness were integrated very well, we had a non-binary character, our main characters were sapphic, but it was done so naturally. It wasn’t the focal point of the book, it was just apart of it, which I loved. I need more queer books where things are just natural, and this hit all the points for me.

This was definitely a different take on dragons, ones I hadn’t seen before, and I liked that. (Okay, I am obsessed with how the dragons were presented in this book — I want to know more about them tbh. No, I need a side story spinoff in which they go talk to dragons all the time.)

Lotte is an excellent main character — her character arc was fabulous. Even the side characters were nicely developed. One of the things about the plot was obvious, however, it didn’t detract from the overall story, because while there was an action based plot, much of this book was character driven and about the choices they do and don’t make. Absolutely loved the cute little romance in this book. Made my heart happy!

There was a tiny bit of gore in this book, but not too much. There were also quite a few parts that deal with parental trauma and childhood trauma. Having not experienced those things, I can’t say as to the accuracy, but they do play a part in the story of our characters.

Overall, this was a well crafted standalone book about two girls who fall in love while a dragon is terrorizing a town.