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October Monthly Wrap Up

I would have had this up days ago, but I ran into a problem with some image issues on my site. However they should all be fixed now! Yay! And here is my wrap up!

Overall Books Read: 41

Fiction: 37

Non-Fiction: 4

ARCS Received: 2

Books Bought: 30

Favorite Books:

Least Favorite:

Non-Fiction Books

Fiction Books

My Thoughts

Overall, I had an amazing month. Forty books really seems to be my average on a good month. But I was super inspired and I’m really delighted because I had FOUR five star reads this month. That is so impressive to me!

November Reading Hopes

I never end up following my TBRs. Anyways, the ones I hope to read this month include:

*Note: Ruthless Gods & Only Mostly Devastated are ARCs.

Any questions/comments/concerns for my sanity? No?

7 Comments on “October Monthly Wrap Up

  1. Oh no, images issues are never fun to deal with. The Gilded Wolves as amazing and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m currently eyeballing The Beautiful and have heard a lot of good things from the community, so I’m glad to see you’ve enjoyed it, too!

    1. I am so excited for the next book! It should be super awesome. When you get the chance I think The Beautiful is totally worth it!

  2. Wow how on earth do you read so much? Also you didn’t like Darkdawn? I haven’t started the series but everyone seems to love it.

    1. I’m a fast reader! I can finish a YA book in a few hours if I don’t have distractions. I’ve always been able to. I liked Nevernight okay, they were fine books, but I just didn’t love it! But I also didn’t love Serpent & Dove either!

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