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This weekly meme was created by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Another week…another one I struggled with! Extraordinary book titles…I don’t know what makes a book title extraordinary, so I’m just going to list some titles I absolutely love.

  1. Wild Magic (also I just love this cover…and this series…and everything Pierce has written honestly.)

2. If We Were Villains (such a cool title! and a GREAT book)

3. House of Salt & Sorrows (even the title feels atmospheric!)

4. The Bone Witch (I just love this title…it is so unassuming and the story is so massive…it is good!)

5. The Priory of the Orange Tree (while it doesn’t have all that much to do with the actual story, the title is what caught my attention originally.)

6. The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women (is a non-fiction book and a heart-wrenching story of women who were abused by their companies and the system and lied to. It’s a fabulous book though.)

7. Carry On (honestly…my list would not be complete without this title!)

8. The Bear and the Nightingale (another amazing title and amazing story. This one is totally atmospheric and well written.)

9. Luck in the Shadows (a rather unassuming title…but a fun read. And plus it’s like…fantasy. Seriously, I love this book/series.)

10. In a Dark, Dark Wood (if you want to evoke spooky vibes just say in a dark, dark wood…)

How’d I do? What do you think are some extraordinary book titles?

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Wild Magic has a great title for sure.


Melanie Parker

Wild Magic! I love that old cover you picked to use! So pretty!!!

Kait Plus Books

These are all great titles! I especially like If We Were Villains! Happy reading! 🙂
My Top Ten Tuesday!

Ewa Pasternak

Love all your choices! The Radium Girls sounds so badass! And I love/hate that Carry on always ALWAYS causes that song to be stuck in my head lol


I have never seen that edition of Wild Magic before and I NEED IT!!!!

Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads

The Bear and the Nightingale is one of my favorite books this year! I was curious to see how both animals would end up in the story and I liked how they made appearances, even if it wasn’t completely obvious 🙂


SUPER Rainbow Rowell fan here! I’m not sure which is better, Carry On or Wayward Son! So glad she’s continuing the series! Stopping by from the linkup 🙂


Yes !!! So happy to see In a dark, dark wood there! it’s insane how much I refer to this one xd I just can’t shake how good the ATMOSPHERE of that house was.

EVERYTIME I mess up the name of the priory of the orange tree.. for some reason my brain always wanna say “prioRITY” for some reason 🤦🏽‍♀️

That’s quite an hard one… it would need me quite a lot of thinking to answer that prompt, you did good!