Bookending Spring 2020: Knock Offs

Bookending Spring 2020: Knock Offs

I’m participating in Bookending Spring this year, and you can find the challenge info here!

Yesterday’s prompt (because I fell asleep at 7pm) is being posted today.

Check out Sam’s post as the host here!


Old books creating cobwebs and dust on your TBR? Create a list of backlists books you are attempting to finally get off your TBR this spring!

This prompt was knock-off to knock books off your TBR, but because I seem to have read through most of them (I wrote this like a week ago, and now I have something like 12 new books to read, but I still want to reread books so…I’m leaving it), I’m changing it up to books I want to reread! These are books that I read and either a) loved or b) just liked. These are books I want to read for enjoyment, but also to see if my opinion has changed. (and so I can write reviews…haha.)

Without further ado, here is the list…

Priory of the Orange Tree. This thing was intimidating the first time, and I keep putting off rereading it, because even for me it is hella long.

Grishaverse Trilogy. I want to reread the original trilogy. It’s been a bit…and I just feel like every time I read it, I like it a little bit more.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone series. I rushed through this the first time and flat out gave the entire series three stars. I feel like I’d like it more if I went back and reread it. I do own them all, after all.

Ember in the Ashes. I need to reread this series…! I liked it the first time I read it, and do not remember why I only gave Torch two stars?

Of Fire and Stars. Again, I plan on buying the sequel at some point, so I need to reread this one.

Strange Grace. Seriously loved the audiobook, but I feel I need to read this to get ALLL the details.

Heart of Thorns. Same as Strange Grace.

Anyways, it is a lot of books, but I feel that with sufficient time and energy I can get through all these. Maybe.

What are you looking at reading this spring?

4 thoughts on “Bookending Spring 2020: Knock Offs

  1. CONGRATS ON DEFEATING YOUR TBR! I need to learn from you because wow the mountain of TBR books is HUGE! LOL. I really need to get onto reading Priory and Ember, they’ve sat on my shelves since their release and I just haven’t gotten to them yet! I know Priory is because she is one humongous book, but I always seem to forget that I own An Ember in the Ashes.

    1. I feel like I get it to a manageable level, and then I buy all the books…and there goes all my good intentions!!!

  2. Haha I also found Priory hella long and therefore DNF’ed it at 3/4.

    I liked the first 2 books of Daughter of smoke and bone, but DNF’ed the third. Whoops.

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