Sunday Post: January 19, 2020

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I started a new medication and it made me very ill, so I haven’t had a lot of spoons or energy this week. It has been a tough go of it. It’s raining today, and I need to start going back to the gym, but the idea of driving there, working out and driving home is SO unappealing to me on all levels. I hate going to the gym. I’d rather be home, taking photos, working on my instagram or my blog!

Grad school is already stressful, and I know my blogging with certainly reduce with it right this minute! So…sorry!

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Yes…I definitely got some new books this week. I’m VERY excited because I’ve been wanting to get my hands on all four of them at some point!

I’ve been trying to read Capturing the Devil for the past week, and I have yet to read it. I feel that it sums up my whole personality in being a mood reader.

Have a lovely week! (I just realized I didn’t buy any books I haven’t read this week! I’ve read all of those!)

Have you read any of those?


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Kristina says:

ah i’m so sorry your meds made you feel ill ! Switching meds is always the worst for the forst 2weeks ish? until you can see if you are better on them or not — Iknow when I needed to switch my antidepressants it was always a wild ride.. here’s hoping you feel better soon! 💕

Ah don’t worry for your blogging dear, we understand xx Grad school is definately more important.
Ah YAS you got Eliza & her monsters!! I hope you’d enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Mere says:

Thankfully it was an add on medication, and they’ve stopped it in the meantime — so I’m glad it wasn’t my main one!

I was so happy I saw it! I read it this past year and was DYING to own it! And now I have my own gorgeous copy!!! 😀

Kristina says:

Ah! That’s good then!
Yas!!! Quite a pretty cover, isn’t it? 🥰

Mir says:

Love Stalking Jack the Ripper and A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue though I thought the sequel was even better.

Mere says:

I loved the sequel too! So many good books!

Hope your meds are nice to you! Glad for your bookhaul! They’re all books I’ve been wanting to pick up sometime or other.

Mere says:

You should! Gentleman’s and Stalking are so good, as are Eliza & Girls!

Hope you enjoy Capturing the Devil when you get back to it. We loved it.

Mere says:

I did finally get to it, & I liked it! So glad I read this series!

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