The Fiancee Farce

The Fiancee Farce



Series: N/A

Genre: Romance, Rom-Com

Age: Adult

TW/CW: Misogyny, Sexism, death of a parent, homophobia, alcohol, sexual harrassment

Links: StoryGraph | Goodreads

Notes: queer main characters (sapphic)


This book opens with a bang! A very cute bang! Tansy and Gemma are so adorable! I love Tansy and how she deals with life, I feel like starting off with her was a really great way to make the book more relatable. This definitely has Cinderella undertones (which I wasn’t expecting, but did enjoy!) to some facets of the book, like stepmothers, stepsisters, absent father, etc etc. It almost felt like a Disney Princess movie. But make it sapphic.

And honestly the writing was very lovely. I was drawn into the story immediately. The banter between Gemma and Tansy felt natural, and I liked seeing how common tropes are incorporated into the book, but in a way that was fun and refreshing.

UGH. This book was just so darn cute. I was smiling so much while I was reading it. Even the third act couldn’t make me feel down because I knew it would be okay in the end.

This is such an exquistely written sapphic romance and I can’t say enough good things about it. It left a fizzy, bubbly sensation in my stomach and had me sighing in happiness.

I highly recommend this book!

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