Bittersweet in the Hollow

Bittersweet in the Hollow




Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Horror, Gothic, Fantasy

Age: YA



ARC provided by Netgalley and PRH.

This book was atmospheric, spooky and lovely all at the same time. It was a delightful read and the combination of the mystery and paranormal aspect were well done.

This book partially deals with generational trauma as well as inter-family drama. One thing that I want to talk about in regards to this book is how much I adore the relationship between the siblings and their parents as well as their other family members. I loved how it was slowly teased out, how the siblings were the same, but also different. They were all unique in their own ways.

The plot was well formed, and had twists and turns to it, but the pacing of the book was slower. While there are a few action packed moments in the book, for the most part it is a slow unravelling of the truth.

In many ways, this book reads as southern gothic to me — southern gothic/paranormal/historical, honestly, I really, really liked it.

Linden as the main character — I loved her. I also loved her siblings as well. But Linden’s struggle in the book was done well, how Pearsall cast her in this role, and had her working to figure out what happened both in the past and the present, and how it was connected.

The book was eerie as well. I don’t know how else to phrase it, but it just it left a feeling after I finished it. Made me keep thinking about it. I was drawn into this world, and one of the aspects that I liked about it, is that it wasn’t magic heavy (I love magic as much as the next person), but I felt the way the magic was woven into the world and the book was exquisitely done. It gave it a firm grounding in our world.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who likes gothic/horror southern books. As well as anyone who loves witches, a tad bit of magic and lots of atmosphere. What an amazing book and I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

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