AUTHOR: T.J. Klune

SERIES: Green Creek #3

GENRE: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, LGBTQ+

AGE: Adult


All Robbie Fontaine ever wanted was a place to belong. After the death of his mother, he bounces around from pack to pack, forming temporary bonds to keep from turning feral. It’s enough―until he receives a summons from the wolf stronghold in Caswell, Maine. Life as the trusted second to Michelle Hughes―the Alpha of all―and the cherished friend of a gentle old witch teaches Robbie what it means to be pack, to have a home. But when a mission from Michelle sends Robbie into the field, he finds himself questioning where he belongs and everything he’s been told.

Whispers of traitorous wolves and wild magic abound―but who are the traitors and who the betrayed? More than anything, Robbie hungers for answers, because one of those alleged traitors is Kelly Bennett―the wolf who may be his mate.

The truth has a way of coming out. And when it does, everything will shatter.

Thank you to Tor for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Klune has been one of my favorite queer authors since he started publishing back with Bear, Otter and the Kid, and I’ve always loved his writing style. Wolfsong so far has been my favorite of this series, but I think this one is also a good addition to the series.

I will say the amnesia trope is not a favorite of mine, but it works well enough in this book. While there was some romance in this book the main part of the book was the focus on the aftermath of the previous, and who the enemies are.

I will admit in parts it was hard to read because I felt some of it was rehashing old ground, but there were other reveals in this book that I am very excited for.

I think overall the plot was definitely the main attraction in this book to me, with the characters taking secondary precedence.

I really do love Elizabeth as well and Carter. They are probably two of my favorite characters followed by Ox and Joe. Gordo is cool too.

I love the theme of family that runs through this book, and that family isn’t just who you’re related to by blood.

Overall, another great entry in the Green Creek series.