AUTHOR: Nicola Tyche

SERIES: War Queens #3

GENRE: Fantasy

AGE: Adult


A Fight for the Crown…
Betrayed and exiled from the Mercian throne, Norah Andell has survived against those who wish to kill her. Now, she’ll do whatever it takes to reclaim her crown and take back everything she’s lost. But as her love for Mikael, the Shadow King, grows stronger, and with the risk of losing him to the seers’ prophecies ever greater, fate tests the limits she’s willing to go and what she’s willing to sacrifice.

Even More to Lose…
When allies become enemies, the future of Kharav hangs in the balance. Intent on reclaiming Mercia for Norah, Mikael pushes for a risky war and faces the wrath of his disapproving Kharavian nobles, who are willing to do almost anything to rid themselves of the North Queen, including crowning a new king. What’s more, with his lord commander gone, Mikael stands alone as he fights to keep his hold on the crown.

A Fight Against Fate…
Rael’s King Cyrus grows more powerful by the day under the banner of his righteous cause, amassing an army no kingdom can stand against, and he is fueled by dark magic and a festered vengeance. As he enters the fold and new political alliances are formed, the four kingdoms spiral toward another Great War, a war that Mikael knows will bring his own end. To escape the seers’ vision, Mikael must sacrifice the one thing he loves above all else—Norah. But he can’t, and he won’t. In a fight against fate, Mikael’s time is running out.