November Monthly Wrap-Up

Overall Books Read: 32

Fiction: 31

Non-Fiction: 1

ARCS Received: 1

Books Bought: 34 (18 of which I got for free. So really, 16.)

Favorite Books:

Least Favorite Books:

Nonfiction Books:

Fiction Books:

Blog Posts

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My Thoughts

Overall I had a great month! I had A LOT of two star reviews this month. Crier’s War, Gideon the Ninth and Sea Witch Rising were the ones I was most disappointed in. People really loved Crier’s War and Gideon but they definitely were not for me. I just didn’t connect with them at all. On the other hand I had some amazing reads this month that I absolutely loved!

December Reading Hopes

I want to pace myself a bit more this month. Try not to read as many. I’m aiming for under 30, but we’ll see if I succeed, especially because I have time off this month again. These include arcs, but here are some of the books I’m hoping to get through this month:

How was your month? What are you most looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “November Monthly Wrap-Up

    Charlotte says:

    Oh my – that’s an insane amount of reading done in November! It’s a shame you didn’t like Crier’s War or Ninth House so much, they’ve been so hyped and popular recently. Hopefully December is better!

      Mere says:

      Thank you! Yes, neither were really to my tastes at all. In some ways I never would have read it if I hadn’t gotten it in an OwlCrate box.

    Kristina says:

    that’s quite some nice stats ! I could never read 32 books in a month, oh my ?
    Sorry to hear you got lots of 2stars though :/

    Only mostly devasted looks good, and it sounded better in my head definately is on my virtual wanna read ! Hoping you have better luck in December for better books xx

      Mere says:

      Thank you so much! Only Mostly Devastated was soooo good. I’m enjoying it sounded better in my head right now. It definitely has some humor in it!

    What a great list! We’ve heard great things about Winterwood.

    Rouge Princess looks really good! I might pick it up when my arc ban has slightly lifted. Nah, that’s too bad that you had a bunch of two-star reads. Hopefully this month will be better ?? Good selection of books read this month, Mere!

      Mere says:

      I was SO GLAD when that’s the one I got. I’m hoping it’s going to be as good as it sounds! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. So far so good!

    lauren says:

    aww really sad to hear you werent a fan of criers war. but also grats on reading so much!

      Mere says:

      Thank you! And I just can’t figure out why I wasn’t a fan of it. I am so picky with my sci-fi, and there was nothing bad about it (other than the expectations I had when I went into it) but I’m guessing it just wasn’t my thing??

    Maggie says:

    Something has told me not to read Warcross! I had it checked out from the library for a while, but never got around to actually wanting to read it; I just get the feeling I won’t like it either! You went wild with your reading last month – 32 reads is awesome! I added Sadie to my POPSUGAR challenge for 2020 – I’m excited to read it!

      Mere says:

      Yay! Yeah, sci-fi is SO hit or miss for me. I’m never sure where I’m going to land! Sadie was emotional!

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