Back on April 1st I posted on Twitter this:

It has taken me that long to get it up over here and explain what I’m doing. So sorry, I’ve been busy!!! Anyways, I’m going for Librarian! I’m doing the OWLS, but it will be seen if I manage to do the NEWTS.

Arithmancyread something outside your favorite genreAmerica’s Most Haunted
Ancient Runes heart on the cover or title Heartless
Defense Against the Dark Artsbook set at the sea/coastTo Kill a Kingdom
History of Magicbook featuring witches/wizards The Dark Tide
Transfigurationbook/series that includes shapeshiftingWild Magic

So far (as of the 5th…) I’ve completed two books!!! I am not surprised, as I was going to try and do the OWLS throughout the month, but the three I’m starting with are either library loans or books I don’t own.

Are you doing OWLS? If so, what is your career?