September 2023 Wrap Up!

September 2023 Wrap Up!

Hey there, October!

I still have zero clue how we got to October already. I feel like it was just the summer, but we’re finally settling into fall. Thankfully, it is starting to get cooler here. This was actually a fairly busy month for me, I was very much working on promoting my new bookish shop, and that took up a lot of time.

September Rewind

I read 30 books last month! Go me! Although quite a few were shorter, easier books to read. It added up to a total of about 12,942 pages.

Fantasy was my most read genre, then romance and young adult. So pretty much the same as last month.

September Favorites

My top reads are: 

⭐ Two Twisted Crowns (5 ⭐)

⭐ Starling House (4 ⭐)

⭐ 10 Things That Never Happened (4 ⭐)

⭐ The Secrets of Jane (4 ⭐)

⭐ Hollowed (4 ⭐)

⭐ Flame & Sparrow (4 ⭐)

I had a few other four star reads as well! I did not count my FBAA rereads into here, which were all five stars for me.

September Lows

The Night House was my lowest rated book this month, coming in at two stars.

September ARCs

⭐ The Warm Hands of Ghosts

⭐ The Cruel Dark

⭐ Flame & Sparrow

⭐ Hollowed

⭐ The Fury

⭐ Glitter

Books Received [Promo Copies]

I also received some amazing copies of books from publishers this month.

⭐ Anna Dressed in Blood

⭐ Eragon

Books Received 

⭐ The Scarlet Veil

⭐ Song of the Lioness Quartet

⭐ The Drowning Empire [Fairyloot Edition]

⭐ Mindf*ck [Arcane Edition]

⭐ Madison Kate Series (all 4)

⭐ Fall of Ruin and Wrath

⭐ FBAA Paperback Edition [Walmart]

⭐ The Poison Study Series [Fairyloot

⭐ Teach the Torches to Brun [Dazzling Book Shop]

⭐ The Kingmaker Chronicles Set [Dark & Quirky]

⭐ K.F. Breene Add Ons [Arcane Society]

I don’t think I forgot any this time…

Looking Forward 

I just want to read spooky this month. But we’ll see what I actually end up reading. I have a few arcs due soon, so I do need to prioritize those.

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