Series: Magic of the Lost #2

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Adult

Notes: ableism, racism, self-harm, death of family, torture

Thanks to Hachette for sending me copies of these books! #gifted

The Faithless was an excellent sequel overall to The Unbroken. We start to get to see a shift in what happens when colonizers leave the colonies alone. We also get to see Tour in a different light here, being back on her “home turf” but with a different point of view.

That was the other thing Clark added to this installment. There were more points of views that culminated together in the end with a big reveal. Much like the last book, this includes lots of death and violence. However, less rebellion and more political intrigue. This one is more about court and ruling politics in both lands, and how each people are dealing with it.

I thought the relationship with Tour and Luca in this one was better developed than in the previous one, which was one of my complaints about the previous book. I felt this elaborated more on what was between them. Their own character arcs were also excellent in this book, as they both grow and change.

While we have lost some characters from the previous book, we also have new ones in this book. As before, even the secondary characters are strong enough to stand on their own. In some ways, this book had more twists and turns than the previous did, and you weren’t sure where it was going to go.

I don’t want to spoil too much about this book, but if you liked the first one, you definitely need to pick this one up ASAP! I need to know what happens to Tour and Luca next!