Threads That Bind

Threads That Bind



Series: Threads That Bind

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology & Retelling

Age: Young Adult

TW/CW: Violence, Gaslighting



Thank you to Razorbill and netgalley for an e-arc of this book.

If you love Greek mythology you’re going to love this take on it. This book uses concepts we’re all familiar with but turns it into a fantasy/dystopian world. The world building was epic in this, and we get to know the world through the characters eyes.

Now, this book is very much about choices and the decisions we make just as much as it is about fate, and how much it controls your life. Both of these are central themes to much of the Greek myth we know, and Hatzopoulou knows this intimately, as she crafts her book. Much like the muses and the weavers of stories, this story has many threads woven through it.

It as a mystery to be sure, and it is hard to glean who is right and who is wrong in this book. Everything is in shades of grey. Threads That Bind is an apt title for this book, because it was about friendship, loyalty, family.

All these pieces are interwoven into a story that is poignant, and also remarkable. This was an amazing book, and one that I think shouldn’t be missed. This is an interpretation of Greek myths like no other.

Plus, we have a heroine who is strong and wonderful. There is a very slowburn romance in this book, so if you think romance is going to be a main focus point, it isn’t. It is absolutely part of the story, the threads, but only a part.

I am so eager to see where the next book takes us — because that ending was EVERYTHING.

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