The Unbroken

The Unbroken



Series: Magic of the Lost #1

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Adult

Notes: ableism, racism, self-harm, death of family, torture


Thanks to Hachette for sending me copies of these books! #gifted

Military fantasy can be hit or miss for me. I’m very picky about it most of the time, however, I felt that The Unbroken did it very well. This book showed a complicated look at colonialism, and unlike a lot of other books, I felt it was done very well. It was woven in with the story in a way that made it work. There was a definite depth to this book, and it wasn’t one of the typical rebellion books that you read.

First off, there were lots of grey areas, and Touraine (who is the best) was part of that. Her character arc was delightful in this book. Because at first, you know who is in the wrong (or at least you think you do), and then there are more complicated aspects to it as well.

Luca wasn’t a pleasant character, but I get why Clark gave her a viewpoint, because it was showing multiple sides to the story — to what each side was thinking. Essentially, this book was rebellions within rebellions. It was convoluted, and I loved that aspect of it.

Clark also included some political intrigue, which is more of what I love. I liked that I didn’t know who to trust, and how the interactions between characters were complicated. All the characters themselves were complicated.

The magic in this book was curious, and I like how we were exposed to it — and its mystery was doled out in small pieces.

I thought overall the writing was good, however, there were a few things that I struggled with in this book.

The slowness in some parts. I felt that parts were more drawn out than necessary, and that it didn’t help the story any. Also, just the pacing overall just didn’t quite work for me.

I wasn’t totally sold on the relationship between Tour/Luca, and I get what it is supposed to be, but it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to. I could see where it was going, and what Clark was aiming for, I just personally didn’t think it felt as fleshed out as it could be. I felt there was very little interaction for Tour to switch her affections so quickly, and I just wasn’t as in love with that aspect of the book.

Overall, this was a strong military fantasy that I enjoyed.

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