Welcome to Throwback Thursday #5! As always please feel free to submit your suggestions! You can do so at the first Throwback Thursday post here or by emailing me!

This weeks throwback is to David Eddings. David Eddings was a prominent fantasy writer in the 1980’s. His first epic fantasy series was *The Belgariad* . It had a sequel series *The Mallorean.* He also wrote prequels for this series as well. While uncredited for much of the books written Eddings wife, Leigh, contributed to all his early work as well.

The series I remember him most for is his Sparhawk Universe series. I think I read those books so much, and I still have the original mass market paperbacks my parents had. *The Elenium* is a trilogy and the first three books in the Sparhawk universe. It features knights and magic. Overall, I really enjoyed the series! It’s one of those that has stuck with me over the years.