Top Ten Tuesday – Character Traits I Love/Personality Traits I Love to See In Book Characters/Things That Make Me Love a Character/etc.

Top Ten Tuesday – Character Traits I Love/Personality Traits I Love to See In Book Characters/Things That Make Me Love a Character/etc.

This weekly meme was created by That Artsy Reader Girl.

So this one was a little hard to do – I don’t seem to have a character type/traits that I love over others in books, but I’ve done my best!

Cat Lover

I guess it is because I love my kitties so much, but any character that loves cats, I tend to love as well. So any good cat lover character is very likely going to be one that I connect with…unless they’re a serial killer or something.

Characters with magic —

This is a surefire trait that I love to see. Magic is pretty awesome, and when it is combined with a great plot, it makes me an extremely happy person. There is just something about characters with magic…


There’s just something about a funny character — one who has a lot of humor and makes me laugh that is so refreshing. I can’t get enough of traits like that!

Refreshingly honest —

I put these two together because unfortunately, a lot of characters are blinded by themselves and tend to not acknowledge their faults. I really appreciate when authors have them acknowledge those faults and grow. For me that helps make a terrific book.

Good at being friends —

To me, some books are solely focused on romances to the detriment of supposed friendships. I love when characters are able to have a nourishing/fulfilling relationship with their friends AND their significant other. It makes for a much better read.

Loyalty —

This one is a complex one. Loyalty is good — up to a certain point. I don’t mind bad characters, but I don’t want the loyalty to become subservience to another characters needs only. I think it has to be a fine balance. But I do like to see characters who have each others backs.

Kind —

I think this kind of goes without saying, but I love characters who are kind — both to others and themselves. There is just something wonderful about it. Unless they’re defeating the villain which ties into my next point…

Strong characters —

There was another word I thought of first, but I refrained from using it. Anyways, strong characters who manage to overcome problems, and then DEFEAT the bad guys. I love stories like that. It makes me feel all happy. So those strong characters tend to be some of my favorites. Who are able to do what is hard.

Angst —

This one has a caveat — I like angst as long as it is done in a way that doesn’t seem…overdone? It’s hard to explain. I think for me, the best example are characters like Ronan and Adam in The Raven Boys, when I think of angst done well, I think of them. It’s because they still have problems, but they’re working towards resolutions.

Intelligent —

I love a good intelligent character, one who can think their way out of dangerous situations, or can appraise a situation and figure out what has happened. I feel like intelligent can check a lot of boxes for characters done right.

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Character Traits I Love/Personality Traits I Love to See In Book Characters/Things That Make Me Love a Character/etc.

  1. Yes, please, more characters who are good at being friends! I’m so tired of friendship being some aesthetic in the background only there when the MC has to talk about themselves and then gone the second they’re not needed. They’re your friend, not therapist, for god’s sake!

    My TTT 🙂

    1. Yes! And there have been a few I think that have been done well, but the friendship thing really makes me grind my teeth sometimes. I need more books only about friends! That would be splendid!

    1. I’m generally not picky about traits, but I should have put the first one as “cat” because I inevitably always get attached to the cat characters!

  2. Ah, thoses are good ones !
    It’s quite hard to find some traits, eh ? All I can think of for mine is the cocky guy (overly confident) and the precious pure cinamon roll that you just wanna protect at all cost…

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