First off, I love technology. It usually makes our lives easier. Except when it doesn’t. And for some reason it is printers in particular these past few months that are out to get me. I swear, anytime it’s just two people staffing the library the printer decides to go and be chaotic.

For example: a few months ago I had a sub circulation assistant helping me out. The printer (that the public prints to) decided that it no longer wanted to print color. At all. Which we didn’t know was going to happen. I was at lunch and the poor lady was having a time of it. I got the pages for the person through alternative means, but from that point on color printing is a no go. IT has tried resetting the memory and everything…no such luck.

A month and a half ago it started making this horrible screeching noise. It sounded like it was going to die. We called for someone to come fix it. It supposedly got “fixed”. Well, you know how your car never works when it’s just you, but the moment you take it in to get fixed it starts working like a dream? Yeah. That’s what the printer did. Needless to say, the screeching is still going on, and it still can’t print color.

And this month it started leaving strange print markings on peoples papers. Once more the repair people were called. It needed a new fuser…or something of that ilk. It didn’t help us yesterday, as people were seriously furious they couldn’t print (I’m SORRY I’m not a magician. If I could get it to work right this instant I would!) which I get because that is what a lot of people come in to do. The new part was ordered and delivered today.

It still makes the horrible noise, but we have yet to see if the other two issues have been resolved…I hope they are.

In short, I would please very much like our printer to keep working.

This is me, generally trying to get the printers to work (and failing). (Except I promise I don’t hit it.)