January 24th Update

January 24th Update

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. It’s been a bit of a busy time for me — the holidays were upon us and I was caught up in that. Plus – there’s a new member of my family.

This is Poppy (yes, yes I did name her after Poppy from FBAA).

She now occupies the majority of my time when I’m not doing grad school work or at work. She’s got her own instagram account if you’d like to give it a follow! 🙂 Click here!

One thought on “January 24th Update

  1. Ahh she’s so cute!! Is she your first dog?
    Enjoy the puppy phase as much as you can, they do grow so fast 😅 can’t believe mine are getting closer to being 10years old.. and so big now..

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