The Bone Shard War

The Bone Shard War



Series: The Drowning Empire #3

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Age: Adult



Thank you to Orbit for a finished copy! 🙂

Be still my beating heart. Be still. I can still feel it thrumming in my chest as I write this review. The Bone Shard War is one of those epic series conclusions, and I think I was dribbling water from my eyes by the end.

Anyways, this multi-POV series culminates in some amazing action in this book. We get all of our loose threads wrapped up in this one, and we do also get answers. One of the great things about this series is that good vs evil has a deeper message than surface level. You have multiple characters who are not totally good, nor are they totally evil.

Lin and Jovis really remain the highlight of this book, and their separate arcs are both wonderful. (yes, alas, they are still separate in this book). Lin’s growth, as well as Jovis’ emotional journey was one that I thought resonated. I really, honestly, fell a bit more in love with both their characters.

That’s not even mentioning the lovely ladies, Ranami and Phalue and their daughter Ayesh. They also had such journeys in this book, still emotional, but nonetheless wonderful.

The writing in this series is excellent, and Stewart keeps up that brilliance in this one as well. It is just so well written, and I loved every moment, gobbled up every word. I was lost in this world.

This was a bittersweet, but excellent end to the series. Absolutely magnificent epic, high fantasy series and it deserves so much praise!

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