Series: The Dark Gods #2

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Adult


Thank you to Orbit for a complimentary copy of this book!

So, once again I have mixed feelings on this book. Much like the first one I think the pacing is just off — I often felt as if this book, like the previous one, was a bit directionless and long for what it was trying to convey.

I do want to commend Sim because she does make the characters interesting. Her world building is also excellent. One of the things she did well in the first book and in this one is the world building.

I think there were only two POVs that I didn’t love: Nik and Risha. I found their chapters the hardest to get through. Mostly because I think the pacing suffered in their chapters, and it just wasn’t as interesting as what was happening with Angelica/Dante and Taesia/Julian POV chapters.

I will admit that I skimmed a bit of the middle of the book; and as I read I didn’t feel like I had missed anything.

Sim is a good writer, but I feel like we were a bit let down with this installment in the series.

Overall, this book felt a bit more like the same as the previous, except the tensions were less and I wasn’t nearly as invested in it as I wanted to be. However, I am curious as to how this series will end.