Welcome September!

Hello September! 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am seriously looking forward to the next few months. This is my favorite time of year and I can’t wait to dive into some of the mystery/spooky/witchy books I’ve been saving for this time of year. 

I don’t generally stick to TBRs, but I do have one for this month, but before we get into September, let’s rewind to August. 

August Rewind

I read 25 books last month, which seems to be about my average these days. It added up to a total of about 11,000 pages which is…wow. Everytime I look at stats for pages I’m just blown away. And then it is like – did I really? I know I did, but still, it seems unbelievable. 

Fantasy was my most read genre in August followed by romance. I read quite a few young adult books this past month as well. Overall, I would say that it was a great month. 

August Favorites

It was so hard to pick favorites from August, because I had many four star reads. My top reads are: 

⭐ The Serpent & The Wings of the Night (5 ⭐)

⭐ The Ashes & The Star Cursed King (5 ⭐)

⭐ A Study in Drowning (5 ⭐)

⭐ The Scarlet Veil (4 ⭐)

⭐ Ithaca (4 ⭐)

⭐ House of Odysseus (4 ⭐)

⭐ Feathers So Vicious (4 ⭐)

⭐ After the Forest (4 ⭐)

And I still had more four star reads, but I tried to pick some of my favorites and ones that stood out to me. 

August Lows

Unfortunately, August had some lows – and most of them were sequels to books I loved. 

Sadly, Foxglove only ended up being three stars for me – and I have three editions of Belladonna because I gave it five stars. So the fact that Foxglove fell so short to me was terribly disappointing. 

Then we have Cherish…the final book in the Crave series in which pretty much nothing happens and I just did not love it. Loved all the rest, but this one ended up not working for me.

August ARCs

I did get a few arcs this month. 

⭐ After the Forest by Kell Woods (read)

⭐ The Square of Sevens by Laura Shepherd-Robinson (read)

⭐ To Kill a Shadow by Katherine Quinn

⭐ Heartless Hunter by Kristen Ciccarelli

⭐ The Hedgewitch of Foxhall by Anna Bright

⭐ Plot Twist by Erin La Rosa

⭐ Heartsong by TJ Klune

⭐ Trading Places by Emily Duvall

Books Received [Promo Copies]

I also received some amazing copies of books from tours and/or publishers this past month. 

Hachette Book Group

⭐ Labyrinth’s Heart

⭐ The City of Dusk

⭐ The Midnight Kingdom

⭐ Ithaca

⭐ House of Odysseus

⭐ The Hexologists

 Book Tours

⭐ Within the Hollow Heart (Storygram Tours/Melissa Wright)

⭐ Feathers So Vicious (Storygram Tours/Liv Zander) 

⭐ This Wicked Curse (Book of Matches Media/Amanda Aggie)

⭐ Thornhedge (Storygram Tours/Tor)

⭐ Fair Rosaline (Storygram Tours/Bookmarked)

⭐ Ashvale: The Vampire’s Thrall (Papermyths/Jade Church)

Books Received 

⭐ Ravensong [B&N Edition]

⭐ Frost & Nectar [Faecrate]

⭐ A Dawn of Onyx [Midnight Whispers]

⭐ Illumicrate July Book

⭐ Helfyre [LitHaven]

⭐ Foxglove [B&N Edition]

⭐ Owlcrate YA 

⭐ Owlcrate Adult

⭐ Fairyloot Adult

⭐ Fairyloot YA

⭐ The Bone Season (10th Anniversary) 

Blog Posts

House of Odysseus


Her Radiant Curse

A Multitude of Dreams

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Strange Unearthly Things


Holly Horror

North Queen

Looking Forward 

So, as I mentioned September is looking to be a month of chills and thrills. I have some books I’ve had on my TBR that I’ve been saving for this month. 

⭐ I want to finally finish the Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series. (PRH gifted me a box set!) 

⭐ Queen Takes Knights – I have had this on my TBR FOREVER and a day

⭐ The London Seance Society – if I can get a copy from my library

⭐ Two Twisted Crowns – yeah, I’m going to start this ARC this month 

⭐ Looking Glass Sound – again, if I can get the book from my library

⭐ Assistant to the Villain 

⭐ A Light in the Flame

⭐ A Soul of Ash and Blood

⭐ The Night House (ARC due in October)

⭐ The Night of the Witch (ARC due in October)

⭐ Starling House (ARC due in October)

⭐ The Night Hunt (ARC due in October)

⭐ 10 Things That Never Happened (ARC due in October)

⭐ Unholy Terrors (ARC due in October)

⭐ The Queen of Days (ARC due in October)

⭐ What the River Knows (ARC due in October)

And I’m sure I’ll find some others I want to read in the meantime. I hope you all have an epic September! 

What about your August? How was it? What are you looking forward to in September?